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A collector of Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese coins. Projects started from May 2007. I will try to provide quality reading material each month. Hopefully you will enjoy it. :)


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Challenging Type set

Country Country name Project Difficulty Started Status Issuu version Last updated
Australia Australia current circulating coinage pulled from circulation (1966-present) 2007 To be updated   8th Feb 2009
  China China province machine struck coinage (1900s-1950s) 2009 Essentially Complete   10th June 2012
  China China Republic coinage (1936 - 1948) 2018 Missing a few   20 May 2018
  China Manchukuo coinage (1933-1945) 2011 Completed! Digital coin album 12th May 2013
Finland Finnish coin year set 1963-1993 2008 Somewhere   19th May 2008
Japan Modern Japan coin year set (1870-1950) 2007 Extreme   7th Jan 2018
  Japan Current Japan coin year set (1948-current) 2007 Long way   28th Jan 2009
Korea peninsular Korean year set (1888-1910) 2007 Extreme Digital coin album 28th Nov 2011
  Korea, South South Korean modern year set (1959-present) 2007 Somewhere   7th Feb 2010
No flag Moldavia & Wallachia Moldavia & Wallachia - Sadagura coinage 2012 Complete Digital coin album 26th Feb 2017
Russia, Imperial General type set - Imperial Russian silver coins (1802-1917) 2008 Somewhere   25th Jun 2016
  Russia, Imperial General type set - Imperial Russian copper coins (1700-1801) 2008 Need to win lotto   25th Jun 2016
  Russia, Imperial General type set - Imperial Russian copper coins (1802-1917) 2008 Let's see...   25th Jun 2016
  Russia, Imperial Last Russian Imperial Copper coins year set (1867-1916) 2007 Somewhere   12th Oct 2007
  Russia, Imperial Coins featuring various Tsars / Tsarinas 2012 About 3 to go   5th August 2012
Soviet Union Soviet Union year set (1921 - 1957) 2007 Long way   6th Feb 2009
  Soviet Union Soviet Union year set (1961 - 1992) 2007 Somewhere   26th Jan 2009
  Soviet Union Soviet Ni-cupro commemorative coins (1965-1991) 2002 Completed!   10th Nov 2008
Russia, Modern Modern Russian coins year set (1992 - present) 2007 Somewhere   7th Feb 2010
  Spitsbergen Spitsbergen 1946, 1993, 1998 set 2011 Somewhere   27th August 2013
  Turkmenistan Type set album   2014 Complete Digital coin album 2014
US US State Quarters year set (1999-2008) 2008 Halfway   20th June 2008
  US Nickel Westward Nickel Series year set (2004,5) 2008 Missing 1   20th June 2008
  US Presidential Dollars year set (2007+) 2008 Halfway   20th June 2008
Uzbekistan Type set album 2013 Missing 1 Digital coin album 2014
  The World World Coins struck in various metals / elements 2011 Missing 3   10th March 2013


More coin album like designs can be found at issuu.


Dansco or Dansco like albums

China Metallic coins of auxiliary for circulation of the People's Republic of China (1955-1992) - Year set 2010 Missing a few key dates 2011
Fiji Fiji Dansco Album (7350) - Year set 2011 Complete 2011
Japan Japan Dansco Album (7460) - Type set 2010 Complete 2010
  New Guinea New Guinea Dansco Album - Year set 2014 Missing a couple of key dates 2014
Taiwan Taiwan year set album 1949 - 1981 2014 Complete 2014



Difficulty Relative explanation (my own opinion)
Relatively easy to complete, with perhaps about up to 5% which may prove to be difficult or challenging
Moderately difficult to complete with several key dates (perhaps doable over a long period of time)
Extremely difficult to complete with too many key dates or simply too expensive (perhaps need a lottery to finish such type set)


Coin Preservation Project

Various coins to be preserved / restored. Click here for more.



Project Started Last updated
Related National banks, mints, printing companies around the World (Personal compilation - warning: approximately 2mb of images) May 2007 June 2007
Location of World Mints and Printing Companies May 2007 Currently updating on 1st June 2007
Asian Year Calendar July 2007 Updated on 12th Oct 2007
Manchukuo speculated mintage figures (1933 - 1945) May 2013 12th May 2013
Soviet Mint set (1957-1991) July 2007 Updated on 30th July 2007
Soviet Silver commemorative coins 1988 - 1991 (in original box + certificate) Feb 2008 25th Jan 2011
Russian overstrike coins  April 2011 15th Sept 2012
World overstruck coins December 2013 26th Feb 2017
World pattern coins November 2013 20th Nov 2013


Neat stuffs

Title Started Last updated
Soviet Numismatic posters (Mezhnumizmatika) Feb 2008 8th Feb 2008


Places to upload your coin, banknote photos Good site to upload your coin collection images Good site to upload your banknote collection images Good site to upload any generic photos, flash files, up to 1.5 megs max (recommended) Good site to upload your photos but a limit of 800x600 resolution max



Numismatics forum

Personal recommendation. I am in most of the mentioned forums.

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