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The following list is a compilation of National banks, money authorities, mints, printing companies in regards to banknotes and coins.


This list may not be complete or as updated. This is my personal complication list that is compiled at the beginning of May 2007. All links are personally verified and there were a couple of links that had to be double checked by If you find any information that is not accurate or not listed in here, please kindly send me a message at:


All images are copyrighted by the respective National banks, Mints, Printing Companies around the world. Some images are cropped to fit but under no circumstances are the logos modified in any way.


Countries beginning with letters:

A (15) B (23) C (23) D (4) E (8)
F (6) G (18) H (8) I (17) J (5)
K (9) L (7) M (17) N (12) O (1)
P (9) Q (1) R (8) S (30) T (13)
U (15) V (3) No countries with W, X Y (1) Z (2)

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Flag Country Related Bank / mint name Logo
  A (15)  
Abu Dhabi تم إنشاء بنك ابوظبي الوطني في العام

National Bank of Abu Dhabi


Banka e Shqipërisë

Bank of Albania

Algeria Banque d'Algerie

Bank of Algeria

Angola Banco Nacional de Angola

National Bank of Angola

Argentina Banco Central de la Republica Argentina

Central Bank of Argentina

  Argentina Casa de la Moneda de la República Argentina

The Mint of the Republic of Argentina

Armenia Հայաստանի Կենտրոնական Բանկ

Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia

Aruba Centrale Bank van Aruba

Central Bank of Aruba

Australia The Reserve Bank of Australia
  Australia The Royal Australian Mint, Canberra
  Australia The Perth Mint
  Australia Note Printing Australia
Austria Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Austrian National Bank

  Austria Münze Österreich

Austrian Mint


Azərbaycan Milli Bankı

National Bank of Azerbaijan

  B (22)  
Bahamas The Central Bank of the Bahamas
Bahrain Central Bank of Bahrain
Bangladesh Central Bank of Bangladesh
Barbados The Central Bank of Barbados

Национальный банк Республики Беларусь

National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Belgium Nationale Banke van België

National Bank of Belgium

  Belgium Koninklijke Munt van België

Royal Belgium Mint

Belize Central Bank of Belize
Bermuda Bermuda Monetary Authority
Bhutan Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
  Bhutan Bhutan National Bank Limited
Benin* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)  

Bolivia Banco Central de Bolivia

Central Bank of Bolivia

  Bolivia Casa Nacional de Moneda (Potosi)

National Mint (Potosi)

  Bolivia Casa Nacional de Moneda (Museum)

National Mint (Museum)

Bosnia & Herzegovina Centralna Banka Bosne i Hercegovine

Central Bank of Bosnia & Herzogovina

Botswana Bänka ya Botswana

Bank of Botswana

Brazil Banco Central do Brasil

Central Bank of Brazil

  Brazil Casa da Moeda do Brasil

The Mint of Brazil

Brunei Darussalam Kementerian Kewangan

Ministry of Finance

Bulgaria Българска народна банка

Bulgarian National Bank

  Bulgaria Монетен Двор ЕООД

Bulgarian Mint

Burkina Faso* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)  

  C (23)  
Cambodia National Bank of Cambodia
Cameroon* Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale

Bank of Central African State (BEAC)


Canada Bank of Canada
  Canada Royal Canadian Mint
  Canada Canadian Banknote Company Limited
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
Central African Republic* Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale

Bank of Central African State (BEAC)


Chad* Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale

Bank of Central African State (BEAC)


Chile Casa de Moneda de Chile

The Mint of Chile



The People's Bank of China



China Banknote Printing and Minting

Shenyang, Shanghai Mints and other branches can be found under this link

Colombia Banco de la República Colombia

Bank of the Republic of Colombia 

Comoros Banque Centrale des Comores

Central Bank of Comoros




Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale

Bank of Central African State (BEAC)


Congo-Kinshasa Banque Centrale du Congo

Central Bank of Congo

Costa Rica Banco central de Costa Rica

Central Bank of Costa Rica

Côte d'Ivoire* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)  

Croatia Hrvatska Narodna Banka

National Bank of Croatia 

  Croatia Hrvatski novčarski zavod d.o.o.

Croatian Mint

Cuba Banco Central de Cuba

Central Bank of Cuba


Κεντρική Τράπεζα της Κύπρου

Central Bank of Cyprus

Czech Republic

Česká národní banka

Czech Nationanl Bank

  Czech Republic Česká mincovna

Czech Mint

  D (4)  
Denmark Danmarks Nationalbank

Den Kongelige Mønt

The Royal Mint of Denmark

Dominica* Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Dominican Republic  Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana

Central Bank of the Republic of Dominica

  E (8)  
N/A East Caribbean Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Ecuador Banco Central del Ecuador

Central Bank of Ecuador

Egypt Central Bank of Egypt
El Salvador Banco Central de Reserva de El Salavodr

Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

Equatorial Guinea* Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale

Bank of Central African State (BEAC)


Estonia Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia)
Ethiopia National Bank of Ethiopia
European Union European Central Bank
  F (6)  
Fuji Reserve Bank of Fuji
Finland Suomen Pankki

Bank of Finland

  Finland Rahapaja (Mint of Finland Ltd.)
France Banque de France

Bank of France

  France Monnaie de Paris

French Mint

  France François-Charles Oberthur
  G (18)
Gabon* Banque des Etats de l'Afrique Centrale

Bank of Central African State (BEAC)


The Gambia Central Bank of the Gambia
Georgia საქართველოს ეროვნული ბანკის

National Bank of Georgia

Germany Deutsche Bundesbank

German National Bank


Staatliche Münzen Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart-Karlsruhe Mint

  Germany Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt

Bavarian Mint


Staatliche Münze Berlin

Berlin Mint


Hamburgische Münze

Hamburg Mint

  Germany Mayer Mint GmbH  (Private Mint)

VfS - Verkaufsstelle für Sammlermünzen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Official Sales Agency for Collector's Coins of the Federal Republic of Germany (VfS)

  Germany Bundesdruckeriei GmbH (banknote printer)
  Germany Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
Ghana Bank of Ghana
Gibraltar Gibraltar National Mint

Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος

Bank of Greece

Guatemala Banco de Guatemala

Bank of Guatemala

Guinea Bissau* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)  

Guyana Bank of Guyana
compiled by gxseries H (8)  
Haiti Banque de la République d'Haïti

Bank of the Repulic of Haiti

Honduras Banco Central de Honduras

Central Bank of Honduras

Hong Kong, Republic of China 香港金融管理局

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

  Hong Kong, Republic of China Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Cooperation Ltd.
  Hong Kong, Republic of China Standard Chartered
  Hong Kong, Republic of China

中國銀行 (香港) 有限公司

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Hungary Magyar Nemzeti Bank

National Bank of Hungary


Magyar Pénzverő Zrt.

Hungary Mint Ltd.

  I (17)  
Iceland Seðlabanki Íslands

Central Bank of Iceland

India भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक

Reserve Bank of India

  India India Government Mint, Kolkata
  India India Government Mint, Mumbai
  India India Government Mint, Noida
Indonesia Bank Sentral Republic Indonesia

Bank Indonesia

  Indonesia Perum Percetakan Uang Ri (Peruri)

The Indonesian Government Security Printing And Minting Corp.

Iran بانک مرکزی جمهوری اسلامی ايران

Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iraq بنك العراق المركزي

Central Bank of Iraq

Ireland Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland
Ireland, Northern Bank of Ireland
  Ireland, Northern Northern Bank
  Ireland, Northern First Trust Bank
  Ireland, Northern Ulster Bank Group

החברה הממשלתית למדליות ולמטבעות

Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation

Italy Banca d'Italia

Bank of Italy


IPZS Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato S.p.A.

State Printing Office and Mint joint cooperation
  J (5)  
Jamaica Bank of Jamaica


Ministry of Finance

  Japan 日本銀行

Bank of Japan

独立行政法人 造幣局
Japan Mint

独立行政法人 国立印刷局

National Printing Bureau

  K (9)  
Kazakhstan Қазақстан Ұлттық Банкі

National Bank of Kazakhstan


Banknote Factory of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  Kazakhstan Қазақстан теңге сарайы

The Kazakhstan Mint

Kenya Banki Kuu Ya Kenya

Central Bank of Kenya

Korea, North 조선부강주화회사는

Korea Pugang Coins Corp. (KPCC)

Korea, South


The Bank of Korea

  Korea, South 한국조폐공사

KOMSCO (Korea Minting & Security Printing Cooperation)

Kuwait البنك المركزي الكويتي

Central Bank of Kuwait


Кыргыз Республикасынын Улуттук Банкы

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
  L (7)  
Latvia Latvijas Banka

Bank of Latvia

Lebanon Banque du Liban

Bank of Lebanon

Lesotho Banka e kholo ea Lesotho

Central Bank of Lesotho


مصرف ليبيا المركزي

Central Bank of Libya

Lithuania Lietuvos Bankas

Bank of Lithuania

  Lithuania Lietuvos Monetų Kalykla

Lithuanian Mint

Luxembourg Banque Centrale du Luxembourg

Central Bank of Luxembourg

  M (17)  


Monetary Authority of Macao



Bank of China, Macau Branch

  Macao Banco Nacional ultramarino

National Bank of Macao


Народна банка на Република Македонија

National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Madagascar Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara

Central Bank of Madagascar

Malaysia Bank Negara Malaysia

Central Bank of Malaysia

  Malaysia The Royal Mint of Malaysia
Malawi Reserve Bank of Malawi
Mali* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)  

Malta Bank Ċentrali Ta' Malta

Central Bank of Malta

Mauritius Bank of Mauritius
México Banco de México

Bank of México

  México Casa de Moneda de México

The Mint of México

Moldova Banca Naţională a Moldovei

National Bank of Moldova

Mongolia Монголбанк

Bank of Mongolia

Morocco بنك المغرب

Bank Al-Maghrib 

Mozambique Banco de Moçambique

Bank of Mozambique

  N (12)  
Namibia Bank of Namibia
Nepal Nepal Rastra Bank
The Netherlands De Nederlandsche Bank

The Netherlands Bank

  The Netherlands Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt 

Royal Dutch Mint

Netherlands Antilles Bank van de Nederlandse Antillen

Bank of the Netherlands Antilles

New Zealand Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  New Zealand New Zealand Mint Ltd.
Nicaragua Banco Central de Nicaragua

Central Bank of Nicaragua

Niger* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) 

Nigeria Central Bank of Nigeria
Norway Norges Bank

Bank of Norway

  Norway Det Norske Myntverket

Mint of Norway

  O (1)  

البنك المركزي العماني.

Central Bank of Oman

  P (9)  
Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan
Papua New Guinea Bank of Papua New Guinea
Paraguay Banco Central del Paraguay

Central Bank of Paraguay

Peru Banco Central de Reserva del Perú

Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Philippines Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Central Bank of Philippines

Poland Narodowy Bank Polski

National Bank of Poland

  Poland Mennica Polska S.A.

The Mint of Poland

Portugal Banco de Portugal

Bank of Portugal

  Portugal Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S.A.

National Mint

  Q (1)  
Qatar مصرف قطر المركزي

Qatar Central Bank

  R (8)  
Romania Banca Naţională a României

National Bank of Romania

  Romania Monetāria Statului

The State Mint of Romania

Russian Federation

Министерство финансов Российской Федерации

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation

  Russian Federation Банк России

Bank of Russia

  Russian Federation Гознака


  Russian Federation Московский монетный двор

Moscow Mint

  Russian Federation Санкт-Петербургский монетный двор

St. Petersburg Mint

Rwanda Banque Nationale Du Rwanda

National Bank of Rwanda

  S (30)  
Samoa Central Bank of Samoa
San Marino Banca Centrale Della Repubblica Di San Marino

Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino

  San Marino Azienda Autonoma di stato Filatelica e Numismatica

AASFN - Philatelic & Numismatics

Saudi Arabia

مؤسسة النقد العربي السعودي

Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland
  Scotland Bank of Scotland
  Scotland Clydesdale Bank Financial Services
Senegal* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) 

Serbia Народна банка Србије

National Bank of Serbia

Seychelles Central Bank of Seychelles
Sierra Leone Bank of Sierra Leone
Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore
  Singapore Singapore Mint

Národná banka Slovenska

National Bank of Slovakia


Mincovňa Kremnica

Kremnica Mint
Slovenia Banka Slovenije

Bank of Slovenia

Solomon Islands Central Bank of Solomon Islands
South Africa South African Reserve Bank
  South Africa South African Mint
Spain Banco de España

Bank of Spain


Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre

Royal Spanish Mint

Sri Lanka Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Sudan تعريفية عن بنك السودان

Bank of Sudan

Suriname Centrale Bank van Suriname

Central Bank of Suriname

Swaziland Umntsholi Wemaswati

Central Bank of Swaziland

Sweden Sveriges Riksbank

The Riksbank

  Sweden Myntverket
  Sweden Tumba Bruk (sold to Crane Paper Company, US)
Switzerland Schweizerische Nationalbank

Swiss National Bank

  Switzerland Swissmint
  T (13)  
Taiwan, Republic of China


Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
  Taiwan, Republic of China


The Central Mint of Taiwan, China


Бонки миллии Точикистон

National Bank of Tajikistan

Tanzania Bank of Tanzania


Bank of Thailand

  Thailand กรมธนารักษ์

The Treasury Department

Togo* Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest

Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) 

Tonga National Reserve Bank of Tonga
Transnistrian Moldovan Republic
Приднестровский Республиканский Банк

Trans-Dniester Republican Bank

Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago
Tunisia Banque Centrale du Tunisie

Central Bank of Tunisia

Turkey Türkiye Cumhuríyet Merkez Bankasi

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey


Darphane ve Damga Matbaasý Genel Müdürlüðü

Turkish State Mint
  U (15)  
Uganda Bank of Uganda

Національний банк України

National Bank of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates مصرف الإمارات العربية المتحدة المركزي

Central Bank of United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom The Bank of England
  United Kingdom The British Royal Mint
  United Kingdom Pobjoy Mint Ltd.
  United Kingdom De La Rue
United States Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  United States The United States Mint - U.S. Department of the Treasury
  United States The Franklin Mint
  United States The Bureau of Engraving and Printing - United States of Department of The Treasury
Uruguay Banco Central del Uruguay

Central Bank of Uruguay

  Uzbekistan  O'zbekiston Respublikasi Markaziy Banki

Central Bank of Uzbekistan

O`zbekiston Respublikasi Tashqi Iqtisodiy Faoliyat Milliy Bank

National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    Ташкентская бумажная фабрика ГПО Давлат Белгиси

State Production Enterprise "Davlat Belgisi"
  V (3)  
Vanuatu Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
Venezuela Banco Central de Venezuela

Central Bank of Venezuela


Ngân hàng nhà nước Việt Nam

The State Bank of Vietnam

  Y (1)  
Yemen البنك المركزي اليمني

Central Bank of Yemen

  Z (2)  
Zambia Bank of Zambia
Zimbabwe Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe


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