Soviet ni-cupro Commemorative coins (1965-1991)



Soviet ni-cupro (nickel-copper) commemorative coins are fortunately very affordable as millions of coins were struck, with the exception of the 1991 Barcelona Olympic coin set, available only as proof. Some of the earlier coins from 1965-1986 were restruck as proof coins as a novodel program in 1988 by Mezhnumizmatika to supply to the rest of world for hard cash. These can be distinguished by their edge as it reads the year 1988 with the letter "H" for Novodel. There are rare error coins struck, such as mules which were unintentionally made. These are not included in this set as it's extremely difficult to find such error coins.

Production of commemorative coins were slow in the early 60s, with more designs in the 70s and after the introduction of the Soviet Olympic coin program, a lot of commemorative coins were struck. However, there seems to be signs that most of the coins struck in the 80s and later rarely did circulate - most people just hoarded them even though there were millions struck.

Many designs feature important Socialist events, commemorate important people, famous monuments and architecture. Hope you enjoy them! This set is complete by the way.


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1965 - 20th Anniversary of Soviet victory over Fascist Germany


1967 - 50th years of Soviet Power

10 kopek 15 kopek 20 kopek
50 kopek 1 ruble  



1970 - 100th Anniversary of Lenin's Birth 1975 - 30th Anniversary of Soviet Victory of Fascist Germany 1977 - 60th Anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution



1980 Soviet Olympics

1977 - Emblem 1978 - Moscow Kremlin 1979 - Moscow State University
1979 - Monument - To the Conquerors of Space 1980 - Monument - Yury Dolgoruky 1980 - Olympics Torch in Moscow


1981 - 20th Anniversary of First human in Space (Yuri Gagarin) Friendship forever (Soviet - Bulgarian Friendship) 1982 - 60th Anniversary of USSR
1983 - 165th Anniversary of Karl Max's birth 20th Anniversary of first woman in space - Valentina Tereshkova 400th Anniversary of Ivan Fyodorov's Death (struck in 1984)
1984 - 150th Anniversary of Dmitry Mendeleyev 125th Anniversary of Alexander Popov 185th Anniversary of Alexsandr Pushkin
1985 - 115th Anniversary of Lenin's birth 40th Anniversary of Soviet Victory over Fascist Germany 12th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow '85
165th Anniversary of Friedrich Engels' birth 1986 - International Year of Peace 275th Anniversary of Lomonosov's birth
1987 - 175th Anniversary of the Battle of Borodino (monument) Battle of Borodino (bas relief) 130th Anniversary of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Set of 70th Anniversary of Great October Socialist Revolution, 1 ruble  3 ruble 5 ruble
1988 - 120th Anniversary of Maksim Gorky's birth 160th Anniversary of Leo Tolstoy's birth Monument - Peter the Great in Leningrad
Monument - Millennium of Russia in Novgorod Monument - Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev 1989 - 175th Anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's birth
150th Anniversary of Modest Musorgsky's birth Monument - St. Basil's Cathedral Monument - Registan Ensemble in Samarkand
175th Anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov's birth 100th Anniversary of Hamza Hakimzadeh Niyazi's birth Monument - Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow
Earthquake in Armenia 100th Anniversary of Mihai Eminescu's death  



1990 - 130th Anniversary of Anton Chekhov's birth Monument - The Grand Palace in Peterhof  150th Anniversary of Pyotr Chaikovsky's birth
Marshal of Soviet Union, Georgi Zhukov Monument - Cathedral of Dormition in Moscow 500th Anniversary of Francysk Skaryna's birth
125th Anniversary of Janis Rainis' birth Monument - Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan 1991 - 550th Anniversary of Alisher Navoi's birth
125th Anniversary of Pyotr Lebedev's birth 100th Anniversary of Sergei Prokofiev's birth Turkmen poet Makhtumkuli
Monument - Cathedral of the Archangel in Moscow 100th Anniversary of Konstantin Ivanov The State Bank of USSR in Moscow
Red Book - Blakiston's Fish Owl Markhor 850th Anniversary of Nezami Ganjavi's birth
Monument - David of Sasun in Yerevan 50th Anniversary of Victory in the Battle of Moscow  


1991 - Games of the 25th Olympiad in Barcelona

Cycling Javelin Throw Wrestling
Long Jump Weightlifting Athletics



10 November, 2008