Russian coins featuring various Tsars / Tsarinas




Seriously - I don't think I want to attempt a similar set like this - it's just not doable! Most of them were purchased before Russian coins become extremely expensive especially the commemorative coins. I guess I have been very, very lucky.


Brief summary:

Peter I the Great should be credited for decimalizing the world's currency, which effectively changes the way of how business is done. Imagine the days of fraction currencies such as six pence to florin and so forth. Not fun.


The Tsars / Tsarinas portraits featured on silver coinage (for larger denomination coins) for about 100 years before Paul I broke the tradition. The Tsars' portraits only appeared on commemorative coins until Alexander III where his portrait were featured once again on regular circulation coins together with Nicholas II before the Russian Empire came to an abrupt end.


Era Coins
Peter I
1682-1721, 1721 - 1725
Catherine I
1725 - 1727
Peter II
1727 - 1730
A rather difficult coin to obtain.

1730 - 1740

Ivan VI
1740 - 1741

A near impossible coin to obtain unless I give up an arm or leg - a lot of these were overstruck in the later years like the example shown.
1741 - 1762
Peter III
Catherine II
1762 - 1796
Paul I
1796 - 1801

No portrait of Paul I existed on circulated coins - he liked his design to be very very plain. 
Alexander I
1801 - 1825

The first of it's type to commemorative a special event and the portrait of the Tsar. This coin was struck earlier than 1834 but after his death.

Nicholas I
1825 - 1855

Another commemorative coin - this one turned out to be a counterfeit (unfortunately).
Alexander II
1855 - 1881
Featured on the 1898 commemorative ruble - rather pricy.
Alexander III
1881 - 1894
Nicholas II
1894 - 1917



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05 August, 2012