Russian coinage from various mints 1700 - 1917


Reference from Uzdenikov


Coins struck in Russia


Massive recoinage of 1762 includes areas from Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Smolensk Gubernia, Arkhangelsk, Polotsk

Coins Era struck Mintmark Description
1697 - 1797



Red Mint, Moscow

Produced various coins at various intervals

  1701 - 1737 M



Kadashevsky, Moscow

Struck gold silver, copper as well as for Kingdom of Poland

1699 - 1727




Naberzhny, Moscow

Struck copper coins of all denominations

  1700 - 1718?   New Mint Moscow

No mintmark on coins, struck silver kopek of pre-reform pattern.

1724 - 1728,

1739 - 1798,

1806 - 1917




St. Petersburg Mint in Petropavlovsk fortress

Produced various coins as well as pattern coins. Also took part in forging foreign coins - Dutch ducats and Turkish kuruses.

1727 - 1876 EM Ekaterinburg Mint, Ekaterinburg

Initially setup to strike square copper plates and was unsuccessful.

1789 - 1798 AM Anninskoye Mint, Anninskoye village of Perm Gubernia

Struck copper coins of various denominations.

1766 - 1847 KM


Suzun (Barnaul) Mint, Nizhne-Suzun copper melting works


Until 1781 struck Siberian coins marked "KM". From 1781 to 1830 - marked coins with letters KM and 1831 onwards, with its own mintmark - CM. Not to be confused with Sestroretsk Mint.

1757 - 1778 CM Sestroretsk Mint, Sestroretsk armoury


Struck various copper coins. Only placed mintmark for 5 kopek struck from 1763 - 1767. Was never meant to be a mint but did strike coins. This factory still exist in operation!

1810 - 1821,

1840 - 1843

ИМ Kolpino (Izhora) Mint, Izhora Works


Struck various copper coins. In 1840 - 1843, it used St Petersburg Mint mark.

1787 - 1788 TM Tauric Mint, Feodosia (Crimea)

Struck only 2 and 5 kopek copper coins. Possibly struck silver coins but not confirmed

1804 - 1834 - Tiflis Mint, Tbillisi (Georgia)

Struck silver and copper coins for Georgia. Mine unfortunately is a replica...

1816 - 1864 MW


Warsaw Mint, Poland

This was when Poland was part of Russian Empire. Struck various coins for Poland as well as some unique dual denomination coinage.

1863 - 1917 - Helsingfors Mint, Helsinki (Finland)

Struck various coins for Finland when Finland was part of Russian Empire


Coins Era struck Mintmark Description
1861, 1896 - 1898 * Paris Mint, France

Both Paris and Strasbourg (1861) struck 10, 15 20 kopeks of 1861. No difference between Paris and Strasbourg Mint. No mintmaster mark.

Only Paris Mint struck 1896 - 1898 50 kopek and 1 ruble coins. Both have 1 star on the edge

1897 - 1899 ** Brussels Mint, Belgium

Struck 1897 - 1899 rubles. Can only be distinguished at the edge with two asterisks or two ticks.

1771 - 1774 S Private mint, Sadogura Estate

Struck coins from captured Turkish cannon for Moldava and Wallachia. Mintmark only on pattern coins.

1916 - Osaka Mint, Japan


Struck 10 and 15 kopek coins. No mintmaster mark

  1916 A, J Berlin (A) & Hamburg (J) Mint, Germany


Struck 1, 2, 3 kopek iron coins of German occupied area


Koenigsberg Mint, Prussia

Struck most coins for Prussia 1759 - 1762. No mintmark on coins - no tell signs of origin compared to coins struck in Red Mint, Moscow.


Priviate mint in Birmingham - Formerly known as "Ralph Heathen & Sons"

Struck copper coins of all denominations of 1896 to 1898. SPB mintmark - no tell sign of origin


Rosenkranz works in St. Petersburg

Struck 1899 - 1901 copper coins (except 5 kopek). SPB mintmark - no tell sign of origin


Foreign Mints which struck coins related to History of Russia


Mint in Mannheim (Germany)

Struck Albertusthalers in 1753 commised by duchy of Schlezwig-Holstein


Mint in Avesta (Sweden)

In 1788, forged 5 kopek coins dated 1764, 1778 and 1787 were struck. Most have mintmark of Ekaterinburg Mint.


Old Mint in Tifilis (Georgia)

Struck Georgian coins of period of Russian protectorate over Georgia


Berlin & Hamburg Mint (Germany)

Struck some of 1916 metallic bona of German occupation





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