Moldavia & Wallachia - Sadagura coins (1771 - 1774)


Moldavia & Wallachia coins, sometimes referred to Sadagura coinage are coins struck on captured Turkish cannons that were used for payment by Russian soldiers. During the Russo-Turkish war where the Russian soldiers travelled all around Eastern Europe, the coins were struck in Sadagura (now part of Ukraine). The coins were meant for issue for Moldavia and Wallachia, now part of Romania. (some parts are part of Moldavia and Ukraine)


Issued in dual denomination, these coins did not last very long as you can only imagine of the unpopularity. Because the dies weren't meant to strike hard cannon metals (higher in tin content), the details are usually weaker than typical Russian coins. While most of the surviving examples can still be found in reasonably good to poor condition, it's getting harder to find coins in nice condition as well ones with decent edge. The edging is a work of art if you ask me - beautiful floral pattern.



A typical set 1772 - 1774 2 para - 3 kopek and 1772 para - 3 dengi (4 coins in total) can be completed if you look hard - 300 dollars maybe sufficient in very fine to fine condition unless you are looking for high grade coins.  This was a rough figure back in 2012 - could be more these days...


The regular issue of 1771 1 para - 3 dengi may be an exception - this is a rather scarce coin. The other varieties such as 1771 'pattern' coins as well as overstruck 1795 Moscow Mint coins will be significantly more. Little do people know about some of these coins were shipped off to Moscow Mint in early 1780s to be 'destroyed'...


My collection contains the basic set and some rarer coins - not going to include all the patterns and various varieties out there which will make it almost impossible to complete. Enough talk and let's enjoy the photos.


An digital coin album version can be seen here


1771 - 3 dengi

Most coins struck in 1771 are considered as pattern and therefore are scarce. This is one of them. The regular coin of para - 3 dengi is quite scarce as well.


1771 Para - 3 dengi

This is a really difficult coin to find in ANY condition. Most that I have seen are found in corroded state. Some argue that this was a pattern coin which became the standard coin for the next year.


1772 Para - 3 dengi

Note of the variety differences: the second coin has the fonts a lot closer compared to the first coin. For instance the date "1772".


Also there is a variety of the observe legend of "valak" instead of "valosk". This is a rather difficult coin to find - possible pattern coin that was accidently released into circulation?



1772 2 para - 3 kopek



1773 2 para - 3 kopek


1774 2 para - 3 kopek

1774 2 para - 3 kopek coin would be the toughest coin to find in this set. I reckon this coin appears in the market once or twice a year.


1795 2 kopek overstruck over 1773 2 para - 3 dengi  


This is an interesting coin as this coin was shipped to Moscow Mint in 1795 to get overstruck. You can clearly see the word "para" around the horse and rider. Very few examples survive. 




26 February, 2017