Korean coins (1888 - present)





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Reference from 2008 Korean Coins and Banknotes Catalogue (Hwadong), JNDA 06 edition, Krause 06 edition. Please kindly buy a copy of either reference to look up the values. I personally recommend the catalogue by Hwadong and the price of it is around 30USD including shipping. If you have trouble finding it, please send me an email and I might be able to help.


As well as, if you have coins that you are willing to let go that I don't have, let me know. :)


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New: Album version in book type (1888 - 1910)



All coins of early Korean coins with detailed info, html version (1888 - 1910) (updated)

Republic of Korea type set, album version (1959 - present) (to be updated)

All modern coins of Republic of Korea with detailed info, html version (1959 - present)